Pretty Buildings

Thank you all for having me! 😁
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University of Mannheim
Université catholique de Louvain I completed my PhD at CORE, and had an amazing time in LLN.

Somehow I managed to find the hidden entrance to CORE on my first day.... It has since become much nicer. But when will the new building arrive?

And my lovely office.
I felt weird looking at someone's face everyday while they worked.
So.... we remodeled!

Now we faced a gym, I am not sure that was much better! But it did feel more spacious....

University of Oxford A big thank you to Greg Taylor for hosting me.
Oxford Internet Institute
OII_plaque OII_garden
OII_lounge OII_dphil

OII OII OII! I do love the name of this institute. I heard that there will be a new building soon.

Exeter College
Exeter_chapel Exeter_chapel_inside
Exeter_radcam Exeter_dining
Exeter_garden Exeter_radcam

Being part of Exeter has opened my eyes to how the UK works.

Thanks for the great conversations, books, falling down on ice, and certainly the alcohol.

Visit, Jan-Jul 2023.

University of East Anglia I forgot to take pictures, but this was a stunning place, an amazing university surrounded by beautiful parks!

CBESS, 16th May 2023.

Bocconi University I suppose the university has to be as extravagant as the city.
Bocconi_EEA Bocconi_birdcage

First general conference!

EEA-ESEM, 24th August 2022.

Paris School of Economics Shout out to Bernard Caillaud for having me.
Building shared by PSE and ENS.

Stunning view of Paris from the 6th floor.

PSE view PSE garden

I really enjoyed my stay here. I certainly miss this view, my friends, and all the lunches and dinners in the garden.

Visit, Feb-Jul 2022; PhD Seminar, 29th March 2022; Theory Seminar, 19th June 2022.

Universiteit Gent Taking photos of the Faculty of Economics and Business was crazy difficult, because it was surrounded by trees and other buildings.
Gent Gent

This newer building stands out from its rather brutalist surroundings. I thank the Professor who let me climb out his window to take the second photograph.

Gent Gent

I rather enjoy the funky groves of this building.

FUR 2022, 12th Jul 2022.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven KUL Faculty of Economics and Business.

This faculty has waaay too many entrances, here's a peak from the back.

KUL_FEB_Playground KUL Library

I was told I would not get away without including a photograph of their central library.

ECORES summer school, 30th May 2022.

Université d'Orléans The economics and business faculty with its pretty quadrangle.
UO UO_quad

This looks like a skatepark, but it is actually a lake!

If you happen to have a photograph of the lake with water please send it to me 🙂

Spring Meeting of Young Economists, 19th May 2022.

Aix-Marseille Université The 'old'(?) AMSE building.

Was lucky to present at the new AMSE building (MEGA), construction works were going on during my presentation!

Seminar, 3rd May 2022.

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne A pretty building from the outside, with some unusual space choices inside.
MSE MSE_interior

My first in person presentation at an external venue!

Behaviour Workgroup, 18th March 2022.

Not exactly universities
Leibniz-Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW) The top half of the building looks rather standard.

But watch out for the portholes!

ZEW porthole

Delightful to be able to present here alongside LMX and Ciotti.

ZEW ICT Conference, 6th Jul 2022.