Kind words

Thanks for all your wonderful work. We certainly are very happy and definitely have made the right choice of having you as our photographer.

Eric and I really had a great time and it was a pleasure working with you and your wife- Alice. We just remembered we could not stop laughing the whole photo shot, we were just having so much fun!! You are such an amazing photographer, a great person and a good friend! It was a great pleasure getting to know you )We would also like to thank you for your prefessionalism and great effort. Eventhough you were not feeling well at that time, you never gave up and tried your hardest to create the best shot, we really appreciate this and respect your work ethic.We love the photos very very much and all these will form a treasured memory for both of us.Once again, thanks a lot for your excellent work and we look forward to working with you again February next year at our KL and Sandakan wedding!!

from: Eric & Tiffany, PERTH, Australia


Dear Robin and Alice,

We want to say a big THANK YOU to both of you for making our wedding day D’ day! Its been a wonderful and happy experience working with both of you. We are also very grateful for all the added hours and so much thought, work and effort put into all our wedding pictures. We know its a lot of hard work and pressure on the minute as well because you had so little time to turnaround the slides for our dinner slideshow but you managed to produce beautiful pictures in such a short time! We are very happy with the result and hope that more of your clients will come to appreciate the talent in both of you. We wish you both a wonderful and blessed partnership in marriage and in business!

Dear Robin & Alice,

Thanks Robin & Alice for your effort to come over for our pre-wedding shoot, and also for the valuable advice and input in regards to preparation of marriage, in relation to tips and tricks that we should be aware of. Trust that both of you had a great time here cuz we were having a really good time during the photo shoots.No doubt that during the photo shoots, you were capable in all areas from capturing the moments, from the right angle to creating the perfect atmosphere that is indeed memorable and we would all cherish till the end of time whenever we look at the photos. From the almost impossible to possible, you went the extra mile for us to give us the results of priceless output that whenever we browse through our pre-wedding photos, you have in some way taught us that life is beautiful and if we are able to see things from another angle, life can be even more amazing. For that, it is our pleasure and we do feel privilege to have you taking our pre-wedding photos.About Robin and Alice. A very down to earth, friendly, thoughtful, loving couple..extremely committed in producing the best photos under whatever circumstances. We had a memorable trip together and always look forward for a glass of wine together. We look forward seeing you in November or earlier if you have any shootings here.And before we end, to Robin and Alice, we’ll keep in touch via email.cheers!!



To the GREAT photographer~robin!!

we were so touched to view your lovely shots on my BIG day! eyes rolling with tears liao..

THANKYOU VERY MUCH! you make our day fills with beautiful memories…in our lifetime forever….. : )

once again! thankyou!

cheers, chin hooi & Kia Fong in Taiping


Dear Robin,

A very very BIG thank you!!! The photos are amazing, the slideshow is still touching our heart after we’ve watched it soooo many times. You were more than a photographer… you were like a close fren though we’ve just met on that day…. and many of our frens & relatives were impressed as well…:P Again, job well done & thank you for being part of our special day!


Cheau Ping & Kim Mao


Hi Robin,

A big sincere thank you from Bryan and I for our fabulous photos, and for capturing every single beautiful moment of our special day – we love the way the photos turned out, and the way our slideshow was put together (pity that we couldn’t show it on the night!). We have received many lovely comments from our friends and family in Melbourne who were unable to make it to our KL wedding.

Thank you so much for going out of your way to accommodate our many demands and tight time schedule – will definitely be recommending your services to those taking the plunge soon! Keep up the fantastic work!

Thanks and regards,

Allison & Bryan, Melbourne


Hi Robin,

just like to thank you for those great photos that you took at my wedding. The quality is top-notch! My wife, family, friends, and everyone LOVED it ! You have captured the essence of the wedding and we will treasure it forever.

Thanks again.

Bryan Zeng


Thanks Robin for all the BEEEAAAUUUTIFUL photos that you had taken of us during our special day. You have captured all our joy, laughter, smiles and happiness and I am sure many years down the road, looking at your photos will bring back all our wonderful memories that happened on 3rd June 2007.

Do continue to stay COOL and enjoy your trip to USA!! Post more pics!!

Take care

Boon Keat & Hui Lin


Dear Robin,

best compliments to your photographs. They’re flawless…we are very satisfied with the results so far, and we’re sure that the rest are just as great if not better than those you have already posted.

It was our pleasure working with you. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to work together again in the future.

Thanks again!

from shindy & alex, Melbourne


Dear Robin

We are so blessed having you to be our photographer on prewedding and wedding day. Thank you for helping us to capture our lovely and lively moments. Those are great memories that we can enjoy and share with love ones for years to come. thank you.


kwongyee + yoonching, USA


Dear Robin,

We are back in Newcastle, UK. We are looking at the photo slideshow you did for us again and again. You did a fantastic job during our photoshoot/reception in Melaka. You are not only a great photographer but a great person whom we are so happy to get a chance to know.

We are so surprised to know that your Hong Kong photography job is on the SAME day 26th December as our actual wedding day, and also at the SAME hotel in Hong Kong – Gold Coast Hotel! I do not know if you believe, but we strongly believe that it is fate (”yuen2?) that brought you to us.

We played your slideshow that night at the Grand Marquee, at Gold Coast with the lights turned down. It was so atmospheric and brought back many sweet memories. We also received many high appraisal for your work for us in Melaka, Malaysia. Being a wedding photographer himself, Ken had high expectation, you not only met our expectations but EXCEEDED it. We want to thank you very much for your sterling effort; it wouldn’t have been the same without you. You put our beautiful memories onto photographs and an album that we will cherish for so many years to come. Please thank your wife for us too. Happy new year to you and your family.

Warmest wishes,

Mr. & Mrs. Lam Siu Leung, UK


Dear Robin,

A very very BIG THANK YOU for all the fabulous photos. They are amazing!!! You’ve captured all our laughter, joy and happiness — including things we couldn’t witness (for eg, our nephew with the Carlsberg can) as we were so busy with the day’s events. That was an excellent candid shot and everyone in the family loved it! The photos captured will definitely reminisce good memories in years to come. =)

The slideshow that you’ve put together impressed our family and guests and they have been asking us about you. In fact, we love the slideshow so much we’ve been watching it over and over again.icon smile Kind wordsOur friends and colleagues in Singapore who were unable to attend our Ipoh wedding also gave us many lovely comments – all thanks to your fantastic work!

Once again, well done and thank you for being part of our special day. Here’s wishing you & your family all the very best for the new year!


Andrew & Hwei Yeen, Singapore


Dear Robin,

Glad that we have made the right choice of having you as our official photographer. After all the effort and ’sweat’ that we have gone throughout the photo session, it’s so relieving to see the fruitful end result. Family and friends had good comments on the photos taken. Keep up the good work and we hope to see more great masterpieces on our wedding day this coming September…:).

Thank you for making our pre-wedding photography experience with you an enjoyable and memorable one.


HL & Joanne


Hi Robin!

It was our pleasure having you in Bali. Thank you for your exceptional photos! They never fail to bring a smile to my face as the way you captured the special moments was awesome indeed. Thanks again and we wish you even greater success in life!


Donny & Kuan Nee


Thanks Robin for all your work. We certainly made the right choice to have you as our photgrapher. It has been a great pleasure working with you to capture all these special moment in our like and these will be a treasured memory for both of us.

The photos lookamazing and we really love it so much.

Once again thank you for your great effort and to those who had wished us well.


Leo & Ya Ping, PERTH

  • We took Robin as our photographer in our wedding back in March..The photos turned out great – Robin was able to capture all the magic of the day into his photos. You can’t go wrong with Robin as your wedding photographer! Thank you and all the best.


  • Wendy Chong

    Thanks Robin for all your effort and great job. Your works will not be forgotten. And the special wedding gown done by Annie Loisean. Read more…

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