Booked Date

2014-06 updated


04 jan 2015 (Wedding in KL)

10 jan 2015 (Wedding in Kuching)

18 jan 2015 (Second shoot for other)

07 feb 2015 (Event shoot in Sepang)

17 feb 2015 (Family photo shoot in KL)

21 mar 2015 (Wedding in KL)

11 apr 2015 (Wedding in KL)

april 2015 planning for pre wedding shoot in Europe, Australia or any part of the world. (if you interested please email me)

02 may 2015 (Wedding in KL)

09 may 2015 (Wedding in KL)

26 may 2015 (Corporate event in KL)

03 jun 2015 (Corporate event in KL)

27 jun 2015 (Wedding in KL)

11 jul 2015 (Pre wedding in KL)

08 aug 2015 (Wedding in KL)

09 aug 2015 (Wedding in KL)

31 aug 2015 (Pre wedding shoot in KL)

13 sep 2015 (Wedding in KL)

24 sep 2015 (Pre wedding in KL)

26 sep 2015 (Wedding in KL)

03 oct 2015 (Wedding in KL)

10 oct 2015 (outstation wedding)

17 oct 2015 (Wedding in KL)

06 nov 2015 (Wedding in KL)

07 nov 2015 (Wedding in KL)

14 nov 2015 (Wedding in KL)

21 nov 2015 (Wedding in KL)

22 nov 2015 (Wedding in KL)

05 dec 2015 (Wedding in KL)

06 dec 2015 (Wedding in KL)

19 dec 2015 (Wedding in KL)


04 jan 2014 (Wedding in KL)

02 to 08 feb 2014 (kuching CNY trip, I am available for family portrait shoot during this trip)

12 feb 2014 (Couples portrait shoot in KL)

14 feb 2014 (Malay wedding dinner shoot)

15 feb 2014 (Wedding in KL)

20 feb 2014 (portrait shoot)

21 feb 2014 (interior design photoshoot)

01 mar 2014 (wedding in KL)

08 mar 2014 (Wedding shoot – morning)

08 mar 2014 (Birthday dinner shoot – evening)

09 mar 2014 (event shoot in KL)

11 mar 2014 (Interior design photoshoot)

13 mar 2014 (Corporate event shoot)

14 mar 2014 (Event shoot at Putrajaya)

15 mar 2014 (Wedding in Port Dickson)

20 mar to 31 mar 2014 (Oversea trip)

04 apr 2014 (reserve for birthday celebration with my twin daughter….:p)

25 to 27 apr 2014 (Oversea wedding shoot)

22 may 2014 (Corporate event shoot)

01 jun 2014 (Charity Event shoot – Bolathon Charity Fun Run & Masquerade Walk 2014. If you want to join the fun check detail here)

07 jun 2014 (Tentatively booked)

08 jun 2014 (ROM shoot in KL)

10 jun 2014 (Corporate event shoot)

14 jun 2014 (Wedding in KL)

21 jun 2014 (Wedding in KL)

22 jun 2014 (Wedding in KL)

28 jun 2014 (Wedding in KL)

18 jul 2014 (pre wedding shoot)

26 to 29 Aug 2014 (oversea trip)

30 Aug 2014 (Wedding dinner in KL)

31 Aug 2014 (Wedding in KL)

06 sep 2014 (Oversea Wedding)

14 sep 2014 (Wedding in Kampar)

27 sep 2014 (Wedding in Klang)

30 oct 2014 (Portrait shoot)

02 nov 2014 (Wedding in Shah Alam)

06 nov 2014 (Wedding in Perak)

16 nov 2014 (Wedding in KL)

29 nov 2014 (Wedding in Perak)

04 dec 2014 (Corporate event shoot in KL)

06 dec 2014 (Wedding in KL)

13 dec 2014 (Wedding in KL)

20 dec 2014 (Wedding in Cameron highland)


11 jan 2013 (Wedding in KL)

18 jan 2013 (Wedding in KL)

19 jan 2013 (Wedding in KL)

26 jan 2013 (Pre Wedding in KL)

30 jan 2013 (Pre Wedding in KL)

27 feb 2013 (Corporate event shoot in KL)

16 mar 2013 (Wedding in Kajang)

28-31 mar 2013 (Oversea pre wedding shoot)

April I am free to travel….let me know if you need me to shoot your wedding day or pre wedding anywhere in the world :p

8 & 9 apr 2013 (Pre Wedding in Kuching)

27 apr 2013 (Event shoot)

5 may 2013 (Not available for shoot. Important day for all malaysian. I am going to do my first VOTE on this election day :p)

11 may 2013 (Wedding in KL)

18 may 2013 (Tentatively booked)

01 june 2013 (Wedding in KL)

16 june 2013 (Event shoot  in KL)

July 2013  planning for oversea pre wedding shoot, if you interested email me at:

12 Aug 2013 (Corporate event shoot)

17 Aug 2013 (Wedding in Seremban)

24 Aug 2013 (Family portrait shoot)

31 Aug 2013 (Wedding in Kuching)

07 sept 2013 (Tentatively booked)

14 sept 2013 (Wedding in KL)

21 sept 2013 (Wedding in KL)

28 sept 2013 (Second shoot for other photographer)

05 oct 2013 (Outdoor family portrait shoot)

06 oct 2013 (Wedding in Seremban)

09 oct 2013 (ROM shoot)

12 oct 2013 (Wedding in KL)

19 oct 2013 (Wedding in KL)

22 & 23 oct 2013 (Tentatively booked)

17 nov 2013 (Event shoot in KL)

23 nov 2013 (Wedding in KL)

24 nov 2013 (Event shoot in KL)

07 dec 2013 (Wedding in KL)

14 dec 2013 (Wedding in KL)

17 to 20 dec 2013 (Family trip)

21 dec 2013 (Wedding in KL)

28 dec 2013 (Wedding in KL)


07 jan 2012 (Wedding in KL)

14 jan 2012 (Wedding in KL)

21 jan to 29 jan 2012 (Chinese new year holiday at hometown – Kuching)

1 & 2 feb 2012 (Pre wedding in Ipoh & Cameron highland)

05 feb 2012 (tentatively booked)

07 feb 2012 (Family portrait)

10 feb 2012 (ROM in KL)

11 feb 2012 (Wedding in KL)

15 feb 2012 (Interior shoot)

17 mar 2012 (Wedding in Langkawi)

24 mar 2012 (Wedding in KL)

31 mar 2012 (Pre wedding shoot in KL)

28 apr 2012 (Couple portrait shoot)

29 apr 2012 (Wedding in KL)

03 & 04 may 2012 (outstation pre wedding shoot)

05 may 2012 (Wedding in KL)

13 may 2012 (Tentatively booked)

02 jun 2012 (Wedding in Subang)

09 jun 2012 (Pre wedding shoot in KL)

24 jun 2012 (Tentatively booked)

27 jun 2012 (Event shoot)

30 jun 2012 (Wedding in KL)

07 Jul 2012 (Wedding in KL)

14 Jul 2012 (Wedding in KL)

29 Jul 2012 (Wedding in KL)

04 Aug 2012 (Wedding in KL)

12 Aug 2012 (Event shoot)

08 sept 2012 (Wedding in KL)

15 sept 2012 (Wedding in KL)

16 sept 2012 (Wedding in KL)

23 sept 2012 (Wedding in KL)

30 sept 2012 (Wedding in Johor)

13 oct 2012 (Wedding in KL)

21 oct 2012 (Wedding in Klang)

10 nov 2012 (Wedding in Klang)

11 nov 2012 (Tentatively Wedding in KL)

18 nov 2012 (Wedding in JB)

24 nov 2012 (Wedding in KL)

25 nov 2012 (Wedding in KL)

27 nov 2012 (Corporate event shoot in KL)

01 dec 2012 (Wedding in KL)

02 dec 2012 (Wedding in KL)

08 dec 2012 (Wedding in KL)

09 dec 2012 (Wedding in KL)

15 dec 2012 (Wedding in KL)




01 jan 2011 (Wedding in PJ)

15 jan 2011 (Wedding in KL)

20 jan 2011 (Family portrait shoot)

17 feb 2011 (ROM)

05 mar 2011 (Wedding in KL)

27 mar 2011 (Family portrait)

08 to 18 april 2011 Japan trip Cancelled because of Magnitude 9.0 earthquakes at EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

17 apr 2011 (Wedding in Klang)

01 may 2011 (Wedding in KL)

03 may 2011 (Casual portrait shoot)

15 to 29 may 2011 (Oversea trip)

04 june 2011 (Casual portrait shoot)

11 & 12 June 2011 (Wedding in Kuantan)

18 june 2011 (Wedding in KL)

08 jul 2011 (Event shoot)

09 jul 2011 (pre wedding shoot) postponed because of 709 bersih rally in KL

23 jul 2011 (Wedding in KL)

27 jul 2011 (Corporate event shoot in KL)

12 Aug 2011 (Interior shoot)

14 Aug 2011 (portrait shoot)

15 Aug 2011 (Family portrait shoot in Sepang)

27 Aug 2011 (Wedding in KL)

11 sep 2011 (Oversea wedding, will be oversea from 09 to 12 sept 2011)

16 sep 2011 (Wedding in KL)

17 sep 2011 (Wedding in KL)

21 sep 2011 (corporate event shoot in KL)

24 sep 2011 (Tentatively booked)

29 sep 2011 (pre wedding in KL)

01 to 02 Oct 2011 (oversea pre wedding)


15 oct 2011 (Still OPEN…HOT date for wedding i guess, been receive so many inquiries)




19 oct 2011 (Event shoot in KL)

22 oct 2011 (Wedding in KL)

29 oct 2011 (Wedding in Klang)

30 oct 2011 (Wedding in KL)

04 nov 2011 (not available….my birthday :p)

05 nov 2011 (Tentatively booked)

07 nov 2011 (Event shoot)

08 nov 2011 (Event shoot)

09 nov 2011 (Wedding in KL)

11 nov 2011 (Still OPEN…lot of inquiries…11.11.11)

12 nov 2011 (Wedding in KL)

18 nov 2011 (Portrait shoot)

19 nov 2011 (Wedding in KL)

21 to 28 nov 2011 (Oversea trip)

02 dec 2011 (Wedding in Johor)

07 dec 2011 (Interior shoot)

13 dec 2011 (ROM)
17 dec 2011 (Pre wedding shoot)

24 to 28 dec 2011 (Oversea trip)


03 jan 2010 (Wedding in Johor bahru)

05 jan 2010 (wedding in labuan)

08 jan 2010 (ROM)

21 jan 2010 (booked)

23 jan 2010 (Wedding in KL)

31 jan 2010 (Wedding in Rawang)

04 feb 2010 (Joe Mcnally workshop in Kuala Lumpur)

05 feb to 22 feb 2010 (I will be at my hometown kuching for CNY!)

06 feb 2010 (Wedding in Kuching)

08 & 09 feb 2010 (I will be available to shoot pre wedding, family/couple casual portrait etc. Email me if you are interested)

11 feb 2010 (Wedding in kuching)

24 to 26 feb 2010 (pre wedding shoot in Cherating)

06 mar 2010 (Tentatively booked)

14 mar 2010 (Wedding in KL)

15 mar 2010 (ROM in KL)

23 to 25 mar 2010 (Pre wedding in Miri)

02 to 04 apr 2010 (Wedding in Phuket)

06 to 15 apr 2010 (Oversea wedding shoot)

17 apr 2010 (Wedding in KL)

23 apr 2010 (Wedding in KL)

25 apr 2010 (Wedding in KL)

27 apr 2010 (Pre wedding in KL)

06 to 13 may 2010 (Paris – FULL)

21 may 2010 (E session in KL)

23 may 2010 (Wedding in Seremban)

24 jun 2010 (Event shoot)

26 jun 2010 (Wedding in KL)

28 jun 2010 (Corporate event shoot)

29 jun 2010 (Corporate event shoot)

10 jul 2010 (Wedding in KL)

17 jul 2010 (Event shoot)

24 jul 2010 (Event shoot)

03 to 08 Aug 2010 (Oversea pre wedding shoot trip)

20 & 21 Aug 2010 (Indian Wedding)

01 sep 2010 (Interior shoot)

02 sep 2010 (Interior shoot)

12 sep 2010 (Wedding in KL)

18 sep 2010 (Wedding in Oversea…) I will Oversea from 13 to 22 sept 2010

25 sep 2010 (Wedding in Kuching)

10 oct 2010 (Wedding in KL)

14 oct 2010 (Corporate event shoot)

15 oct 2010 (Corporate event shoot)

23 oct 2010 (Wedding in KL)

06 nov 2010 (Wedding in KL)

13 nov 2010 (Wedding in Perak)

19 nov 2010 (Wedding in KL)

28 nov 2010 (Wedding in Penang)

29 nov 2010 (Wedding in Penang)

11 dec 2010 (Wedding in KL)

16 dec 2010 (Wedding in KL)

18 dec 2010 (Wedding in KL)

26 dec 2010 (Wedding in Skudai + Kulai)


All above booked date are Kuala Lumpur wedding, unless otherwise stated.

some of my client booked me one year before their wedding day. if i not available for your wedding date, i will recommend my photographer friend to you.

Tentatively booked: Under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon. and have not collected the retainer fee.

  • Wai Ling

    Dear Robin.

    I saw & like the way of your photographing.

    My actual wedding will be held on 24/10/2010, Petaling Jaya.

    I’m looking a good photographer for my pre-wedding & my actual wedding.

    Can you please advise me on this 2 events or any information that you can furnish me more details

    Thank you.

    Wai Ling

  • Joanne

    I would like to inquite for photography & videography service for wedding (day & night) which would be held on 28th Nov 2010, Sun at KL. Kindly advise me on the charges and availability.



  • Catherine

    Dear Robin,
    I searching a photographer for my pre-wedding & actual wedding (15 Jan 2011 & 16 Jan 2011). I wonder do you have any package on the above mentioned events.


  • Charlene Koh @ John Tan

    Hi there.

    Am melted looking at your pro here.

    I am actually looking for photographer cum videographer for my wedding too which is at 2nd Jan 2011 and i am staying at at PJ area.

    Wondering how you charge for the day of it?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  • Hello Charlene, I will email u today! my rate for 2011: RM3250.00

  • Kyoko

    I am looking for Photographer and Videographer on my wedding day on 22 October 2010 (dinner reception) and 23 October 2010 (morning tea ceremony). Kindly give me a quote and your availability.


  • Mey Chang

    Robin, my actual wedding day will be held on May-2011, Kota Bharu. I am looking for pre-wedding shoot & photography for wedding day (day & night session). Appreciate if you can give me a quote, availbility.

  • esther

    my actual wedding day =04/12/2010 (sat), Klang , selangor.
    I’m looking for actual day photography (day & night session). pls give me a quoate of your charges

  • Priscilia

    Hi, Priscilia here. May i know are you available on 14 Nov 2010.
    Please quote me the rate for actual wedding day (day & night)at puchong & pj. TQ.


  • Grace

    my actual wedding day =30/11/2010 (tuesday) in Sentul, KL
    I’m looking for actual day photography (day & night session). pls give me a quoate of your charges

  • Michelle Yap

    Hi Robin,

    Hope all is well for you! I am a bride-to-be and am currently looking for a photographer for my wedding on 4th December 2010 (Saturday). My wedding will be held at Putrajaya Shangri-La in KL and I was hoping to have potrait shoots taken in the morning/noon, during my garden ceremony (6.00 – 7.00pm) and during my wedding dinner (7.00pm – 11.00pm). Could you kindly drop me a mail so we could discuss further on your availability and also your charges?


  • amy

    Hi there,
    im looking for my wedding photographer on August 7…could you pls send me your quotation based on malay wedding..tq

  • For fast response please email directly to my email or thru the contact form above, Cheer!

  • Stanly Chong

    Hi, I’m Stanly Chong, I would like to request a quote for shooting on my actual wedding day 10th of Oct 2010. Much appreciate you could come back to me ASAP…Thank you!

  • Jay

    Hi Robin,

    I am so sorry, this is nothing related to you photographing. But I saw you have met so many couple, wedding and ROM. I just wanted to know do you have any JPN officer contact who I can invite them out from office to do the ROM ceremony in a restaurant? Really appreciate your help and really need the info urgently. Something just mass up. Thank you.

  • Melvyn


    I’m looking for a good photographer for my pre-wedding & my actual wedding.

    Can you please advise me on this 2 events or any information that you can provide me more details and price?

    Thank you.

  • michelle

    Hi, Robin. How much for the ROM shooting @ Putra Jaya on this coming 9/8/2010? What your package include & exclude? TQ.

  • Sue

    Hi Robin,

    I would like to enquire on your rates for actual wedding day photography. I will be having a luncheon on 31st Oct 2010. Before the luncheon is the tea ceremony.


  • See Yunn

    i would like to know how is the charge for only wedding dinner?
    is it the price include all the album and will give back all the soft copy? if i only want the soft copy and don’t want the album how the charge?
    Thank you!

  • Rachel Seow

    Dear Robin

    I would like to check with you how much would you charge for the ROM shooting @ PutraJaya on 1/11/2010. Roughly 4 hours, 1 hour for registration & family photo taking session & another 2-3 hours for outdoor shooting.

    Hope to hear from you.


  • Marcus

    Hi Robin,

    I’m Marcus and i planning to get marry by next year 22/05/2011, my location is in Brunei Malay + Chinese wedding which is more to Malay Culture wedding. Please send us your package details if you are available on that date, by the way my friend hsiang lin who hired you for his wedding recommended you to me. We do hope to get you as our photography because we really like your work. :)

    Looking forward for your reply, thanks.


  • Hi Marcus,
    Thanks for your message. I will send u an email regarding your wedding day photography, Cheer!
    Robin Ng

  • kimby

    Hello,Mr Robin.
    Can i know the price for the pre wedding and actual day wedding’s photo shoot?
    Do you have any event on July or August 2011?
    Kindly please tell me more details.
    Thank you.

    Kimby :)

  • hi Kimby, will email you shortly, Cheer :)

  • evelyn

    Hi Robin,

    May i get details of the pre-wedding and wedding day shooting packages?


  • hi Evelyn, thanks for asking. Will email you in a short while, Cheer!

  • srilega

    Hello,Mr Robin.
    Can i know the price for the pre wedding and actual day wedding’s photo shoot?
    Do you have any event on 4th dec 2011 in penang?
    Kindly please tell me more details.
    Thank you.

  • Selene

    i was looking for a pre wedding and actual wedding photographer. Would you mind qoute me a price and furnish me with more details. Many thanks.


  • Angeline

    Hi, Robin.

    I would like to check with you how much would you charge for the ROM shooting at PutraJaya /Thien Hou Gong? Roughly 4 hours, 1 hour for registration & family photo taking session & another 2-3 hours for outdoor shooting. If you don’t mind inform me about your package include & exclude?

    Hope to hear from you.

  • Hi Angeline, Will send you my package detail. cheer!

  • Angeline

    Thanks Robin. I will waiting your email.

  • Hi Angeline, Can i hv your email. The email u leave in my blog is wrong i guess. Can’t send thru. or you can email me at:

  • Angeline

    Hi RObin,

    I already send email to your gmail. Please let me know whether you got receive my email?


  • Catherine

    Hi Robin,
    Appreciate if you could advice on your rate for prewedding + actual day package.

    Thank you.

  • Catherine

    Hi Robin,

    I would like to check with you your charges for the ROM shooting. and also your availability on 12/2/2011, thanks.


  • Son

    Hey robin,

    I m looking to have a pre wedding photo shooting…can u pls send me the package that u include?

  • CY

    I’m looking for the photography & videography service for my wedding on 11th and 12th June 2011 in Kuantan. Could you kindly advise me on the charges for the package seperately?

  • zoe

    Hi Robin,

    Still remember me? Im from JB~ was asking for couple photo shooting during Dec 2009, but too bad, couldn’t fit into your tight schedule…

    But~!! hehe~~ i’ll get married on June 18th 2011, would like to know if you are free to be my photographer for actual day please?

    Looking forward to hear from you soon =D

    Many thanks^^

    Have blessed day^^

    zoe =D

  • Li Li

    I’m looking for a photographer for my Actualy Wedding Day on 10th Sept 2011 in Kulai.

    Kindly advise me on the charges and availability.

    Thank you.

    Li Li

  • Jamie

    Hi Robin,

    I like your projects. But anyway, if i would like to ask I only need to take photo in the morning session. How much you going to charge? Or you only accept whole day package?

  • Hi Jamie, I do accept half day shoot. Will email u shortly

  • Shiaw Fung


    May I know how much u charge for actual wedding day package? My wedding date is on 20 Nov at KK..Hope can hear from u soon..thanks..

    Shiaw Fung

  • janet

    kindly provide me the quotation for an actual wedding day photoshoot on 5th November 2011
    1: Morning ceremony : Puchong to Putra Heights
    2: Wedding reception : Grand Imperial @ USJ 19


  • Suraya

    Hi Robin,

    I am interested in your work of art. I’d like to know your quotation for one event / two events, one preceding the other. I appreciate your prompt reply.


  • Michelle

    Pls provide me your quotation.

  • tan

    Hi Robin,

    I am looking for wedding dinner + actual day photographer for this coming 10, 11 September 2011.

    Location is in Setapak, K.L.

    Please kindly let me know your quotation and availability.


  • hello Tan, Sorry i am booked on 10 and 11 sept 2011

  • Priscilla

    Hi Robin, i m looking for wedding dinner + actual day photographer for 19 December 2011.

    Please email me ( your quotation.

  • Winson

    I am looking for wedding dinner + actual day photographer on 8 December 2012.

    Location : Petaling Jaya

    Please kindly let me know your quotation and availability.


  • Peggy Lim

    Hi Robin,

    I m looking for actual day + wedding dinner photographer for 18-Nov-2012

    Can you send me the package & quotation for actual wedding day? (Full Day & 2 photographer required)

    Date: 18-Nov-2012
    Groom House: Subang Jaya (Morning Ceremony)
    Bride House: Cheras (Morning Ceremony)
    New House: Puchong (Morning Ceremony)
    Dinner: EST Chinese Restaurant, The Club, Bandar Utama

    Peggy Lim

  • Eric Leong


    Need quote for photography

    Approximately this is the duration of hours:

    Pickup Bride and Tea-Ceremony Nov 19 – 2 hours – Bandar Sri Damansara

    Actual Day Nov 20 – 5 hours – Kota Damansara


    Hi Robin,
    May i how much you charge for my actual day photo shooting (day & night session)?
    my wedding day is OCT 1, 11(sat)-morning church wedding then night dinner.
    Kindly advise me on the charges and availability.
    thanks a lot.

  • jeffrey

    Hi Robin, kindly please advise the price for 11 nov 2011. Just only registration in Tian Hou Gong KL.. Thank you.

  • shijia

    Hi RObin

    I am looking for photography & videagraphy service for wedding day and night.

    date : 12.02.2012
    location :JB

    could you please send me your price list?


  • shijia

    Dear Robin

    I am looking for photography and videography for my wedding day and night on 12.02.2012 at JB. Could you send me your price list?



  • Dear Robin

    I am now looking for photography and videography for my weeding day on 12.02.2012 at JB.

    Can you send me the price list?


  • Apple

    Hi Robin

    I am looking for actual day (day & night) wedding photographer for 1st Jan 2012 at KL

    Can you provide me a rough code and what is included? Thanks

  • chong meng huey

    dear robin, my wedding dinner will be held on 09/11/11, kindly give me a quote, tq so much!

  • Joanne

    Dear Robin,

    I like the photos that you captured. The actual day of my wedding is on 6th May 2012. Can you please let me have your quotation of your professional fees for your photography services for my actual wedding day.

    Thank you


  • shania

    hye i need price for video shooting n pgotography for my wedding dinner 15 jan 2012 at 7pm….club shah alam…

  • Ylin

    Hi robin, like your pic a lot. can I get a quote for my wedding – 1 day event on 10 march 2012 in Seremban? Love to find out more! Thanks! Ylin

  • Casandra Koh

    Hi Robin,

    May I get some quotation for wedding photography? Dinner -PJ (10/3/2012) and AD – Seremban to Puchong (11/3/2012)? Thanks!

  • Jesslynn

    Hi Robin, can I get quote for wedding AD photography service on June 2012? Preferably 2 photographers, wedding venue in Malacca. Thanks.

  • hui

    hi, i would like to know the actual wedding photography and videography services package details with price. Thanks.

    I am from johor, batu pahat. Do you provide service here?

  • Devy

    Hi, i will be in Kuala Lumpur between 2-5 february 2012.. wish to have pre wedding shots by you.. could you send me your price list? are you available on that date?


  • Abdo

    Hi Robin,

    I would like to know if you are not booked at 4/12/2011, we have wedding at down town KL Ampang area. Can you provide the package and let me know if you are free on that day. if you not, can you recommend any of your female friends because its kinda bride party with females so I prefer female photographer as requested by the bride.

  • Stephanie Kam

    Hi :)

    Could you please quote me with details for the dates below:

    8 Nov 2013 (Fri)
    - ROM + Church Session
    - Klang Valley (Yet to confirm with church)

    8 Dec 2013 (Sun)
    - Chinese Custom Wedding
    - Puchong Area

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Please fill in the contact form for all your inquiry. thanks in advance, Cheer!

  • renee

    Hi, pls send me the quotation for pre wedding potraits and actual wedding day photography service. Thanks

    *tentative wedding day 21/06/2014

  • Nicole Kwan

    Hi Robin, I contacted you through your contact page earlier last week but did not get a reply yet. Could you let me know your’s/your team’s availability for actual day photo and video on 26 Nov 2016? Wedding will be at Port Dickson, Malaysia. Thanks! – Nicole Kwan

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